The New Samsung Television And The New Lg Television, Which Is The Best

Get carried away by Samsung’s UE55NU7100 TV and enjoy clear, sharper images in Ultra HD 4K image quality. The TV has the official UHD logo and guarantees higher brightness, more vibrant colors and a higher resolution. In addition, various technologies ensure that the display of the images on your TV is optimized.

The best way to find such a television in the Netherlands if you use terms like goedkope ultra hd tv to find the most cheap options. If you want a more expensive television you search for the newest 8k televisie.

For example, PurColor provides a colorful viewing experience, you now see even more details thanks to HDR and UHD Dimming provides a clear contrast. Are you watching a fast-paced action scene or an exciting sports match? With Auto Motion Plus you are assured that these images are also displayed smoothly on the screen.

One Of The Best Lg Televisions On The Market Right Now

The UJ630V  is a beautiful TV with an Ultra HD / 4K resolution. With the Smart TV functions you can easily connect this TV to your WiFi network so that you can view apps such as YouTube and Netflix. And what we also find cool: thanks to the IPS panel, it no longer matters whether you are sitting directly in front of or on the side of your TV. Wherever you are, you experience the same quality.

One Of The Best New Samsung Televisions On The Market

With the UE55NU7020 smart TV from Samsung you can enjoy your favorite movies and series in razor-sharp Ultra HD 4K image quality. The TV has a large screen of 55 inches and is among other things provided with the official UHD logo. The advantage? You can count on higher brightness, more vivid colors and a higher resolution. In addition, every detail is clearly captured thanks to HDR and PurColor provides a lifelike color experience. Thanks to Auto Motion Plus, all images are displayed smoothly, even when watching a fast-paced action scene. That way you’ll never have to miss anything again!

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